• Sunrise over Sershul monastery, Tibet 2014





    Sunrise over Sershul monastery, Tibet 2014

    Sershul monastery has undergone a metamorphosis in the last five years. Not only in concrete, but also the traditional Tibetan construction has not forgotten it was done right.

    Sershul Tekchen Dargyeling སེར་ཤུལ་ ཏེཀ་ ཆེན་ དར་ གྱེ་ གླིང་ is an important monastery of the Gelukpa School, located 20 km west of Deongma, on the right side of the road.

    This is currently the largest monastery in Sershul county, with 1200-1300 monks divided into six colleges, under the guidance of the youthful but charismatic Drukpa Rinpoche.

    The rain retreat festival held in August is a magnificent spectacle, attracting nomad communities.


    The hills and grasslands around the monastery are sparse and spacious. The complex was founded as a branch of Chunkor but soon outgrew the latter. The recently restored buildings at Sershul, which are all near the motor road, include the Tsokchen (assembly hall), the Jamkhang (Maitreya temple), the Gonkhang (protector temple), the Dewachen Lhakhang (Amitabha temple), the Mentsikhang (where Mipham Rinpoche`s tradition is maintained), the college, a Mani Wheel chapel (containing three wheels constructed by the father of the present Drukpa Rinpoche) and a small guesthouse.

    A new Tsongkhapa Lhakhang, resembling a giant cathedral, has been constructed below the main complex, and was due for completion and consecration on 12 December, 2008.




    Sunrise over the Bayan Khar Mountains, Tibet 2014

    Bayan Khar བ་ཡན་མཁར་ county

    There used to be 44 temples or monasteries within the county the most historically important being Jakhyung and Dentik. 27 of these survived the Cultural Revolution, having been used as granaries and storerooms. At present, the county has 34 monasteries,4 Nyingmapa and 19 Gelukpa.
    Bayan Khar county capital town is Hualong.
    Area: 2.732 sq km.





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