The main attraction in Tsigortang county is Drakar Tredzong Monastery. The "White Monkey Fortress" is one of the most famous monasteries in Amdo and brings many pilgrims each year. The monastery currently has around 400 monks, though in the past it has had close to 1000. Located at the base of a 5000m/ 16,400 ft. mountain, Drakar Tredzong has one of the few evergreen forests on the northern Tibetan Plateau. Wildlife such as wolves, deer, foxes, gazelle and a large variety of birds all live above the monastery. There is a pilgrimage kora winding around the mountain that takes 5 or 6 hours to complete. The mountains above the monastery offer abundant hiking routes and have excellent views of the area.

    The Tsigortang area is very poor. There is a simple Tibetan style hotel located near Drakar Tredzong Monastery and some slightly better accommodations in the county town. Even though this area is poor, if you are interested in a remote Tibetan adventure, this area will not disappoint you.
    Founding (1820-1911 (probable)) >བྲག་དཀར་སྤྲེལ་རྫོང་ཐོས་བསམ་ཡོན་ཏན་དར་རྒྱས་གླིང་།
    > Drakkar Treldzong Tösam Yönten Dargyé Ling
    > brag dkar sprel rdzong thos bsam yon tan dar rgyas gling
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    On the vast Peltang plain some 20 km south of Jyekundo town also called Yushu, surrounded with high peaking mountains, there was a Tibetan Horse race festival.




    Jyekundo region in the northwest region of Kham , known locally as Gawa ག་ ཝ་,..The county capital is located at Jyekundo, which has a newly opened airport, Area: 13,784 sq km.




    A mantra being carved into a cliff near Hor.

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    Tibetan Family picnics in front of Sershul monastery, Tibet 2014


    Food & Drink
    Tibet’s high altitude means that it is difficult to grow many crops there. Barley is the most important and common crop and forms the basis of many Tibetan foods. Every day, many Tibetans eat tsampa, which is a dough made from barley flour. Other popular foods include wheat flour, yak meat, mutton, pork, butter, milk, and cheese. From barley flour Tibetans also make momos, which are small delicious dumplings filled with meat or vegetables.

    Mustard seed is also cultivated in Tibet, and therefore makes an appearance in many recipes.
    Butter tea and barley beer (chang) are popular drinks in Tibet. For butter tea, the tea leaves are boiled in water, then strained and poured into a churn, where salt and butter are added. The tea has a thick buttery surface and a unique taste. Chang is thick and white and has a sweet and strong taste. Just like our beer, it is quite alcoholic, so for adults only!



    The sacred Mountain Zhara Lhatse 5820m and the Jinlong Gonpa, Tibet 2014

    High peaking above the graslands is the snow-covered peak of Mt Zhara Lhatse with a unique sharp pointed shape of 5820m hight.
    This mountain is also strongly connected with the stories of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava).
    The Mountain Zhara Lhatse is located in Tawu county, while the village Lhagang is located in Dardo county from where this picture is taken.
    Lhagang is surrounded by five holy mountains : Chenresig, Jambayang, Chana Dorje and Drolma, and to the north, the snow mountain called Zhara.
    Because it is surrounded by these holy mountains, it is a special and blessed place.





    Motorbike for the whole family, Tibet There was an important lama visiting for some days in the Sershul monastery, so every Tibetan was dressed at it best and yes even the motorcycle was clean to shine. Tibetans came in big numbers, and in their best costumes. It was a great treat for photographers.







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