Tibetan women usually lead a more difficult life than Tibetan men. Tibetan women are in charge of most of the household chores. Nomad women wake up early in the morning to collect yak dung to be dried. Since most of Tibet is treeless, yak dung is dried and used as fuel for fires. Women milk the yaks before the men or children take them up the mountains to graze. Women are also in charge of cooking the meals and taking care of the children.

    It is still common for Tibetan women who come from nomad families to get married at age 16 or 17. Tibetans who live in larger towns and are able to go to high school or even college usually wait until they are 22 to 25 before getting married.

    Though Han (Chinese) people are only able to have one child, Tibetans and other minority groups in China are allowed to have two and sometimes three children. In remote areas of Tibet, it is common to see Tibetan families with up to 6 children.


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